Grand Goals

The Grandest Goal of All: I want to be good at something that I love doing, and see people light up and feel grateful that I’m there doing it. That shouldn’t be as elusive as it is seeming to be…

I have decided to make my big, crazy list of goals here!  I have been so focused on health and nutrition, that most of my goals revolve around that.  But one of my newer generic goals is to spend some self-reflection time to come up with other activities and goals that will expand my experiences, and introduce me to new paths of life!

Own a mountain bike (done! Jan 2013)

Create a query letter (done! Nov 2014)

Send query letter and pitch out to at least 3 publications

Reach my goal weight

Learn a foreign language, to at least be able to have a decent conversation

Take Ukulele lessons

Go Snorkeling (Done! Nov 2012!)


Get my Scuba certification

Take windsurfing lessons

Paddleboard (done!  May 2012)

Practice Yoga on a Paddleboard (Done! June 2013)


Give a Lecture on Nutrition (done!  July 2012)


Feel GOOD about how a Nutrition Lecture went (Done! March 2015, on Sodium and Hypertension!)

Learn how to write and publish an e-book

Hold bakasana for 30 seconds

Power walk up my mini mountain (Done! More times than I can count, and I forget the first time!)

Jog up my mini mountain

Score a goal in Futsal (Done! Aug 4th, 2012!)

Learn to dry my own leaves and herbs for teas

learn basic video editing

Downsize/donate 1 box of stuff (Done! March 2014!)

Create a vision board

Swim in TG (done! June 23, 2013)

Hike to BI (done! November 10,  2012!)

Complete a 3 month diet challenge

Create a health series for a newspaper to print

Gallop on a horse

Hold a baby wild animal (tiger, fox, koala, red panda….)

Ride an elephant (Done! June 2014)

Ride a camel

Parasail (Done! April 2013)

tandem parasail

Participate in Holi

Play on a high ropes course (Done!  Dec 2012!)


Become a Certified Yoga Teacher (Done! June 2014!)

Specialize in therapeutic yoga teaching

Lead a diabetes program

Get certified in Wilderness First Aid

Learn the basics of car repairs:

  • Changing the oil
  • Changing a tire
  • Dealing with an overheated engine

Take Survival 102 class

Spend a night in a self-made debris hut

Learn to make own candles

Learn to make own soap

Get a passport stamp (Done! Dec 24, 2012! Australia!)


Visit Africa

Visit Asia

Visit Antarctica

Visit Australia (Done! December 2012!)


Visit Europe

Visit South America

Spear fish

Filet a fish (done! Sept 15, 2013)

Go sailing

Make my own solar oven or dehydrator

Find a place to volunteer

Participate in a Free Hugs event

Hold a headstand

Inspire Someone, again and again, person after person


So... whaddaya think?

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