My first post pretty much sums this up!  My life became a “get up, go to the gym, go to work, make dinner, clean, feed the cats, go to bed, repeat, repeat, repeat endlessly and mind numbingly” cycle.  I put LIVING on the back burner, thinking “once my husband has his degree,” or “once I get a different job,” or, “once we get the house cleaned up… THEN I’ll get back to having a life.”  And then, four years later, I woke up, and realized NOTHING HAD CHANGED!  I was still WAITING for life to happen, instead of MAKING it happen!  I hadn’t really pushed myself or grown!

So I am challenging myself.  To live, to love, to experience health and happiness!

RELATIONSHIPS.  MEMORIES.  LAUGHS.  GROWTH.  Of these, I need more.  And most of us probably do!  So I hope to explore new fields, embrace new challenges, open my heart more to others as I have, regrettably, learned to hide in my shell and run on auto pilot.  And this is the journal of the journey!  I share my goals and progress on the goals, and hope you’ll share with me! 🙂

Live out Loud, my friends.



So... whaddaya think?

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