Chores of Love

It’s so easy to get irritated at repetitive chores.  “Didn’t I just put away all these dishes?”  “is my laundry all dirty AGAIN?!” “Isn’t that HIS dirty cup that he didn’t rinse out?”

And so we set about doing our cleaning, huffing and trying to rush through the task, possibly getting more irritated, or stressed – or, at best, numb.

What if we could turn these repetitive tasks into a peaceful time of rejuvenation?  Of appreciation and love?

Sound crazy?

Just dig deep and think – WHY are you doing this?  “Because it’s dirty.”  So what?  Can’t you just serve dinner to your family on dirty, food crusted dishes?  Sure, you could – but you LOVE and RESPECT your family and yourself enough to not want to do that.  You want them to at least have clean plates.  You want them to have sanitary sleeping arrangements.  It is all rooted in love, we just sometimes forget to focus on that part.

So the next time you’re scrubbing down a counter full of dirty plates, take a few deep calming breaths, think about how you want to take care of your health and your family, and offer them nice clean plates.  Meditate on the compassion you have for yourself, your family, while you’re washing those dishes and pressing those sheets.

Can you think of each task as an opportunity to breathe and pray love for yourself or your family?

dirty dishes

By findingsilverlinings Posted in Musings

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