The Yogateers!

I have signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training class!!

Two friends will be joining me in a few months to travel to India and spend 4 weeks immersed in meditation, asana yoga practice, studying anatomy, and training to become yoga teachers.  We are the Three Yogateers!

I am so excited to be taking on this challenge, and so blessed to have friends wanting to join me on this Journey.  I do not know for sure what additional opportunities this path may lead to, but I am starting to ponder and see if there are new goals from it.  I do want to volunteer at the women’s shelter here, and teach empowering yoga to these victims of domestic violence.  And I’d love to work with people who are new to exercise and timidly wish to start some simple routines.  And perhaps some work with businesses or the hotels.  Who knows!  I will have to think about where I am drawn, and what sort of work would be rewarding to me.

I want a place to keep some of my notes — there are several required reading books I should get through before we go; and I signed up on Coursera for a class on Buddhism and Modern Psychology.  Perhaps this blog with be a nice place to post my musings, and keep track of some study notes.

I look forward to recording my adventures here!

By findingsilverlinings Posted in New Class

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