Looking up Through Rippling Waters


Sometimes, I feel like I am floating in the peaceful abyss of the ocean.  And while it may be beautiful and peaceful, it is also sometimes frustrating wanting to get up and out and breathe in new air.  Or to see the shining light of a future goal, but not be able to quite see what it is, nor how to grasp it.


I keep feeling like I’m so close to understanding what my path in life should be — where I can be useful and provide something meaningful to others, while still feeling excited about doing it.  Close to finding my passion.  And yet, it is never quite clear.  Something where I can be an introvert and hide part of the time; but something where I am excited and confident enough to be interacting with people at other times


I’m not sure what is on the surface of the water once I finally break through, but I hope I break through soon, because some days I feel like I am drowning in confusion, and simply lost.

By findingsilverlinings Posted in Musings

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