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I have had a lot of trouble nailing down where I want to focus my language studies.  In school, I made the choice of learning Latin.  Interesting, but ultimately, it’s been useless.

Then I started teaching myself Spanish.  That was going well, and I was getting to the point I could have had a very rudimentary conversation with someone.  But then I decided that maybe I wanted to go work on a Navajo reservation, so I tried to learn Navajo.

Right.  Have you heard of the Windtalkers?  The Navajo language was used for secret codes during WWII because it was so dang difficult!  Yeah, try teaching yourself that one…

Then this current location became the possible path, but when I heard they had such a variety of languages – did I just pick one?  No, that’d be too easy.  I tried to tackle Japanese, Chinese, and Tagalog all at once.

So of course none of this stuck.

But I digress…


That’s the point of this post! 🙂  I want a place where I can keep track of different programs so when I *DO* finally figure out what I want to learn, I can come back here and get good course work.

When I was learning Spanish, I was using Coffee Break Spanish – learning Spanish from a guy with a Scottish accent.  Made for very enjoyable listening 🙂  (I’m a sucker for that accent)

I also like the site – that’s where I was looking at Chinese, Japanese, and Tagalog.  Basics like “This, please” “that please,” “I’m sorry,” “Where is the bathroom,” and other things that may be helpful if you’re traveling.

And I recently found that BBC is offering language guides as well!  Hop on over to their site to get some basic information on various languages of the world!  Along with some basic phrases, they also offer some facts about the culture and the language, and take a look at the characters – so it’s not strictly audio.

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