Settling in… for now

We are now living in the middle of the ocean where I have a temporary contract at a small hospital.

And I will soon be counseling people, and trying to help them take steps towards healthier living.  I am both thrilled and terrified to step out on and try to make a difference.

We have learned a lot – the hard way – about moving over seas.  From movers and cars, to cats and good-byes.  And I want to share that with others who may one day find themselves in a similar situation.  So I have started to type up a little e-book sharing our experiences.

But my dream of travel, while satiated for now after this long process, will always pop its head up now and then.  And while we may decide to enjoy living here for 2-4 years, I see travel in between.

This site has been, and will be, a long time in the making, but for the next two years with this current job, I will be focusing my time on studying for the job and in my free time I will

  1. Teach myself a new language
  2. Study nutrition for developing countries
  3. More deeply research the many, many places around the globe that intrigue me.
  4. Continue to foster my relationship with the two charities in the Payatas that I support
  5. Continue to research travel tips so that when we’re ready to stuff a backpack and take off, we feel prepared.

Let’s see if this dream can happen 🙂


So... whaddaya think?

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