Class Is In Session!

Well, almost…

Last night, I registered myself and my hubby for the TESL training class.  So that begins soon and will run through November 20th.  Then Yours Truly will be certified to teach English around the globe!

Where will this lead us?  I have no idea… But as I have reviewed my blog, I have felt the excitement creeping up again.  Ah excitement, how I have missed thee!

Life sent me a few curve balls that forced a reshuffling of goals and priorities – and so blogging and my health dropped so that I could take care of others.  But life is settling back down for family and friends, and it’s time to figure out my future again!

So here are my goals to be done by the end of November:

Run 10 miles/week
One 10 mile run, and one 15 mile run
Learn the name and techniques of 1 new yoga pose/week
3 yoga sessions/week
Run the stairs at Mt Airy Forest Park

Research 5 points of interest/week (10 points per continent to start)
Spend time on WAYN and get a profile set up
Skim through the book VAGABONDING to see if it will be of use
Make a list of travel vocab for Chinese, Tagalog, and Chamorro

Complete TESL training
1 bag of items for Salvation Army
Post pics of sponsored girl from Payatas
Email follow-up to Payatas Mission Outreach
Try or create 1 new recipe/week
Call 1 extended family member per week to stay in touch

That’s a lot to take on, but I am up for the challenge!  And excited about what joy it can bring 🙂


So... whaddaya think?

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