Revving Up Again

I have been a slacker!!  Eegads, it has been a long time since I’ve looked at my BHAG!

I suppose that’s why it’s recommended to post pictures and reminders of your goals all around – to keep reminding you what your joy is!

I had put a pause on things because I thought I was going to be moving overseas for a job.  And I am still eager to see if it pans out!  But it has been a back-and-forth deal for over almost two years now.  And while I know there are good reasons for a lot of the delays, I am starting to wonder if maybe that path is just being shut down for a reason.  I am all about working hard for your goals, but sometimes I wonder if I’m being lead a different direction right now.

I have been enjoying trying to branch my BHAG to another website that would later turn into its own beast…

But more steps have been taken!!

Hubby and I will be signing up for TESL training tonight!  TESL is Teaching English as a Second Language.  It may open some doors to job opportunities abroad for both of us which would definitely help with costs!  The downside is that most TESL jobs want a 1 year contract.  But perhaps just having the training will allow us to find shorter stints as substitutes, tutors, or something like that – and still allow me the time and ability to explore health around the globe!

I am also trying to network more on sites like and – but I haven’t been able to play on the sites too much.  I’ll have to give more time to that.

And lastly, I am trying to make a date with some of my girlfriends to make Vision Boards!  These are wonderful collages plastered with pictures and words that lift and inspire and help keep you focused on your goals!  I anticipate making one giant one to have at home, then maybe a few smaller ones that I can distribute around to other areas I spend a good deal of time: my office, my car, locker at the gym… We’ll see!


So... whaddaya think?

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