I finally am deciding to bite the bullet on the cost of a world map.  A big, whopping ten dollars for the map.

I must first explain: I’m a cheapskate.  I did not want to buy maps.  I figured I could find some way around this – print them myself… call on a favor from a friend who works in a poster-printing lab… I even went so far as to see if I could print mini map bits off of Google Maps or other sites and then tape them together.

Lessons in futility, one and all.

Instead, I finally put all those time-wasters on hold, and made one simple and direct call to AAA to ask what they have.

Cheapskates rejoice!!  I was told they have free country maps for members (ok, so only if you’ve already been a non-cheapskate by purchasing a membership can you enjoy this cheapskatey perk) and that they just HAPPENED to be doing some trial sales of wall-sized world maps.  If I wanted one, they’d ship it to my nearest AAA office, and I could go get it for less than $10!

I did a happy dance in my office chair (while no one could see me, of course!), and am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my world map, and a chance to go check out the various country maps.  It will then be time to buy fun little push pins with which to decorate the map and see what type of path may unfold before us.

By findingsilverlinings Posted in New Item

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