Tentative First Steps


To refresh my BHAG wowness…

I will travel a Round The World (RTW) trip with my husband in 2012, promoting “Free Hugs,” volunteering and interning at holistic health centers and charity centers as we go – giving and receiving Love.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it!


Last night was an amazing evening – I got information, perspiration, and motivation about this goal!

At about 4:45pm, I got a call from Todd with STA travel.  Given that they usually work with students and teachers (of which I am neither), and they help book plans (which I have not set) I figured it would be a quick call.  A simple, “hello, no, we just work with students and teachers.  Good luck!” or “Um, you’re not giving us anything to go on, so call us back when you have something more fleshed out!”

But I was instead surprised by an hour-long chat with this man, all about the way it works, pricing, timing, tour options, volunteer options, and more!  I was so revved up after talking to him!  So a new short-term goal for this is to get a giant print out of the world, and start plotting out place we want to go!!

After that, I met a friend at a park, and we power walked around in the rain for an hour!  We both vented our stressed, shared our ideas and goals, and helped lift each other up while we burned some calories 🙂 

And then we followed that up with a delicious Chipotle dinner (since Whole Foods closed early – sadness!)  As we munched and crunched (vegan bowl for me, thank you!) we talked about getting companies to donate to charities.  Apparently, many big stores have TONS of excess stuff that they pitch!  Whether it’s left over fabric swatches or full rolls of carpet, tools still in packages, or overflow medical supply – it is going nowhere but the trash!  How awful! 

And yet potentially, so perfect!

I suppose I’m some sort of idealist – even though I’ve always considered myself quite jaded – because to me it seemed like a no-brainer for these companies to donate.

But apparently they won’t!  Or at least, they don’t take the initiative to do so.  Whether it’s because they don’t know where to send it, don’t have space to store it while waiting for a pick up, or don’t want to spend the money on shipping.  And I guess the new tax rules don’t allow much of a tax break for donations anymore…?

So, how to make this a win-win for both!?

Well, that’s what we’re working on…

So it’s time to research!  Time to connect with Matthew 25: Ministries!  They apparently do this a lot!  They collect donations and overflow, then ship it out to different cities and countries in need.

I still feel a call to the people of Payatas – the garbage dump in the Philippines.  And there are groups out there doing so many different things that they have a wide variety of needs!  Everything from hygienic items, school items, and cookware, to building materials and crafting goods!  Why not try to get things sent to them?

Or maybe even set up a matching program.  On the world trip, if we get a bunch of different charities and groups showcased, perhaps we can get these US-based companies on board, match them with a charity that suits their needs (based on what they can give, and what type of PR they want) and set up a relationship!  What a cool thought 🙂

Dreaming too big?

No such thing!  Especially when I have the help of a friend, and a shared passion for helping!

Hopefully I can come back with new information soon 😉


One comment on “Tentative First Steps

  1. I’m having a down day, and reading this goal is helping! I feel the negative thoughts (“I can’t do it – it’s too big, too hard,” “it’ll never happen,” etc…) But reading it is fanning the flame of excitement again! There may be some re-prioritizing due to a potential job offer and move… but there will always be thoughts of this, and perhaps just a little delay to get it all together. But I’m still plotting! 😉

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