Quick Food Update!

Hello hello!  Happy April!

I would love to type a large blog post, but I have some big new goals that are taking up more time!

So a brief update on my goal eating yesterday:

Green smoothie for breakfast

Lovely green salad for lunch: daikon, sprouts, onion, dandelion, and topped with the cool cucumber dressing I made this weekend!

And dinner?  Ooooo, dinner…. That’s the coolest things about eating Living Foods!  My dinner consisted of cookies, cookies, and chocolate!  AND NO GUILT!

We checked out a Raw Vegan get-together, where several people brought cookies made from healthy nuts, seeds, spices, and natural sweeteners, and then they did a demo of making Super Food chocolate.  And of course, who could eat all that sweet delicious stuff without milk?  So, they also whipped up fresh almond milk!

So so so good, and so so so healthy!  I brought Lemon Fig cookies from an Ani Phyo recipe book – nothing but cashews, lemon zest, figs, and a dash of salt!  Others brought gingersnaps, oatmeal raisin cookies, and some sort of chocolate peanut butter truffle.

Yesterday was day 6 of all Living foods, and today has been good as well.  (Though, I’m craving pasta right now… so I think I shall substitute with zucchini noodles tonight!)

Oh!  And I also am going to go trail run tonight!!  Nothing extravagant, but I need to run just a little to break in those crazy toe shoes I bought.  Still haven’t done that!  So, jogging, zucchini-ghetti, and shopping!  What a night 🙂

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