Day of Rest

The other night at Bob’s went so late, that I didn’t get to post it all!  But I had such a great talk with my two friends, and was so inspired!  All three of us feel “stuck” in our jobs, and all three want out.  So instead of spending the whole time venting and moping, we agreed we want to take steps towards our goals!  So we conspired, inspired, and perspired (well, ok, that last one didn’t happen!) as we made some plans and tried to toss ideas around.

It’s important to find positive people to surround you and influence you.  Standing tall when life is rough isn’t easy!   If you stand on a chair with three people around you on the ground, will it be easier for you to pull them up… or them to knock you off?  Likewise, it is easier for people who are complaining and grumpy, gossipy and hateful to pull you down into the doldrums than it is for you to get them to step up and be full of positive emotions – not impossible!  Just harder for most.

I’m not saying I should ditch any friend who’s down, but to seriously try to connect to those who will inspire, as well!   I have found that it’s a fine line between someone you’re inspired by just twisting slightly into a jealousy.  Is there someone you’re jealous of?  Befriend them! Don’t let them make you feel bitter – figure out how they got what it is you’re looking for, and let them be a guide to getting that.  Is someone doing the job you want?  Let their hard work, experience, or charisma rub off on you!

I kept reading a blog of a girl who was doing a dream job – she travels, teaching nutrition and yoga, and often is a raw chef to movie crews so she gets to see all these films being produced and walk the red carpets and travel to all the opening around the world!  And some days, I get so inspired and motivated to keep taking care of myself and learning new recipes and yoga poses… and on bad days, I look at her with jealousy and anger, thinking I could never do that, or maybe I could so why didn’t that path just happen to land in my lap instead of hers?

I need to put that aside!  Make my own path!  But DO IT!  As the janitor in Scrubs said, “Time spent wishing is time wasted.”  Vent as needed, then make goals and plans, and strive for them!  DON’T SETTLE!

Ok *cough* Let me get off my soapbox… I was just so excited last night to find a crew of gals who didn’t want to just sit and complain, but wanted to be proactive and CHANGE!  I had to share 🙂

So!  As for my Living Food goals…  here I am on day 3 – yay!!!  I took today to be gentle with myself.  Since I was sick for the last few days (just a little – not too bad!) I skipped my gym time for extra sleep and snuggle time with my man 😀  It was much needed!

Today’s Living Foods are simple – very green smoothie for breakfast; salad for lunch, with a Creamy Cucumber Dressing from my Tree of Life cookbook (cucumber with tahini!  And some seasonings – smells good!)  Then tonight, my onion bread should be all dehydrated!  Woohoo!  That’ll go great with the leftover chili from Saturday.  I’m excited about that!

And it’s a late night at work today, so I probably won’t do much tonight after dinner – maybe some reading or studying.

Gonna make it a great week!


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