Day 1: Transitional Chili

Good evening, all!  …Ok, technically morning, as it’s 2:26am when I’m starting this.  I’m just no good at sitting still to type until it’s waaaay past my bedtime!

Today has been a full day, and I am ready to flop.  I got up for my yoga class – and it was amazing how it helped me regroup!  I didn’t go to class this past Wednesday, and with all the thoughts I’ve had about new job prospects and new charities, I feel like my mind has been thundering outwards in a tangled mess of different directions.  I always felt like, “I need to find new recipes; I need to research these different jobs; I need to read this book for my book club; I need to, I need to, I need to….!!!”  GAAAAH!!!

And to spend 1 hour where I got to quiet those voices and turn inward… well, it was very calming.  I’m not sure I found any clarity on my future plans, but it was helpful to just have more silence in my head!

And after yoga, I dashed home to do a few chores, then scurried off again to a running form class.  Quite interesting!  It took what I learned at the last one, reviewed, and individualized a little more since this was a class of 6 people.  Then they taped us jogging from various angles, and in a week or so, we’ll get to go over that with the teacher and analyze our technique!

After that, I returned home again to make some of my raw foods!  Yay!!  I bought a bunch of ripe bananas, so I pre-sliced those and tossed ’em in the freezer.  Ahhh, the best dessert substitute: frozen banana in a food processor is an uncanny replacement for soft serve ice cream!  I figure I’ll get my nightly sugar cravings as usual, so that’ll be one method to stick to my 40 day goal!

And – HOORAY!!! – we went over to our friends’ house tonight and they had ordered pizza… and I had NONE of it!!  I brought over my raw chili recipe (complete with “sour cream” that really tasted good… just, not like sour cream) and some raw snack bars from Whole Foods.  Yum!  I even got to share the chili with two of the people there, and they both said they really liked it!  Even my husband liked it! …though he likes to break from convention.  Instead of eating it from a bowl, he just spread it on top of a slice of pizza and ate it that way!  Ah well, at least he was getting some good fresh tomato, kale, and other goodness with that slab of processed gunk!  It’s a transitional step — Three cheers for Transitional Chili!

Hooray for another great recipe from the Tree of Life (un)cookbook!!  I’ll probably have another bowl of it tomorrow, since there were some leftovers, (in the cute new bowls I bought yesterday!!)  😀

So that’s my update on day 1.  Chili and sour cream, raw snack bars, and tons of fruit!  I gotta get my greens all washed tomorrow so I can get to my green smoothies and salads – love those greens!

I feel like I’m starting to find my passion – healing and helping others, through food and meditation.  Maybe one day I’ll add becoming a yoga teacher to my goals…. 🙂

May you also find your passion!  Try new things, discover new hobbies, and see what drives you to change and help change others!


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