A Perfecting Light

Alright!! Day two is done with ease!  I was very proud of myself!

I spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing for the week – washing produce, making a salad, mixing various living food salad dressings, making freezer desserts (hooray for truffles and cookies made of nothing but natural nuts, spices, and fruits!)

Then I went to another power tools workshop and got to play with a Dremel!  Much funness!  They let us carve little clay flower pots so that they could then be used as a candle holder!

Adorable idea!

…not so adorable with the finished product.

Uneven lines, scratches, and flaws

Look at those scratches, bumps, and sad “leaf” shapes!

But guess what??

Even with those imperfections, when you put it in the dark, and let its little light shine, it is still a pretty product!  The candle light perfected my little pottery 😀

Shine little light, shine!!

And aren’t we like that?  All of us, look too close and it’s easy to see the problems and flaws.  Set us under a bright light, and you can find them.  But, even with just a small flickering flame burning within us, we can be glorious even surrounded by darkness!  Your passions, your goals, your enthusiasm make you bright and magnetic!

So don’t let darkness swallow you!  Whether it’s a dark job, a dark relationship, a dark event, or just a dark mood… find that flicker in you and fan it into flame!  I keep this in mind today, trying to keep my enthusiasm and joy up even surrounded by anger and negativity.  I’ll let my little Living Life flame burn!

Have a good one and Live Out Bright!  🙂

(ps – I was so good about sticking to the living foods after the workshop!  My friends and I went to Bob Evans afterwards, and I just ordered a big salad and used lemon juice as my dressing!  Then when they got dessert, I ordered the fruit plate for mine.  Yum!  Healthy and light, I went home feeling great!)


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