Race Standings, Another Goal Met, Another Goal Made!

So the results of the race were posted!

 They had me at a time of 52:02… I know that’s only an 11 second difference from what I timed myself, but DARN!  Ah well, still a good run.  So the results:

8th place out of 12 in my age group, 39th out of 52 for all those running the 4 miles.  So, not great on a competitive level… but I’d say not too bad for my first time!  I guess I now have some new goals to make – working on SPEED!!!  (“She’s going the distance!  She’s going for speeeeeed!”)  *lol*

But, to keep my spirits bolstered – I just need to keep in mind that yesterday, I completed another goal!

I ran 5 miles!!!

It was 5.25 miles in 1 hr and 2 minutes – a pace of 11:48, or 5.1 mph.  So, definitely a leisurely pace, but I was going out just for an enjoyable run to think and clear my mind.  Next thing I knew, I was already 4 miles out, and just felt good, so I kept going!  My knees were tired, so I didn’t push more than that, but WOW!  Two goals in one weekend!  KaPOW!!

And while running, I did some good thinking about some long-term goals.  My mom recently told me about trash people in Nicaragua.  She was watching No Reservations, a show on Travel Channel about foods around the world and the cultures from which they developed.  And while eating nice meals in Nicaragua, the host learned of these trash people, or “La Chureca.”  They live around the dumping grounds and trash piles, making homes out of whatever scraps they find, and using hooks to dig through the piles to try to find anything to eat.

And my heart broke.

A home in La Chureca from blog.katevoegele.com/nicaragua

I work with some of the “poor” families in America.  I know they don’t have glamorous lives by any means, but a lot still have enough to buy new clothes and get their hair done, have apartments, tvs, dishwashers, cable… (I don’t even have a dishwasher or cable!)  So when I learned of these families that truly have nothing, I was so drawn to them.

I have been starting research on these families, and learned there are similar communities in Guatemala – but those groups seem to have more organizations helping them – at least, I found more in my brief little internet searching.  I found several churches, water purifying groups, and others serving the Guatemalans.  And I’m so glad!  But I can’t find people helping the Nicaraguans!  At least, not as many helping.  So, I haven’t been able to solidify my goals, but I want to help somehow!

I don’t know if I can get involved, but maybe!  What I can try to do is raise funds to send to someone who is there helping.  I don’t know who is there yet, but I’m sure I’ll learn!

Time to do some soul searching, and see what paths open up!