Lucky Luckmans Coffee!

Happy Tuesday!

I had a great weekend, and really challenged myself to talk to more people that I met throughout the week and weekend.

I chatted with a store clerk at the grocery store (who was “King Crawfish” for the day after an in-store fishing competition.)

Thursday, Hubs and I checked out a class on…. get ready for this…. NINJA TRAINING!  Yep, there is a dojo for mondern-day ninja training!  Their mentality is not so much to teach to fight, but to teach to defend and prevent a fight from ever really starting.  It was quite a sight to watch them practice!  Both children and adults alike were looked to be having a fun time learning!  Will we sign up?  Not sure… but it’s an avenue we may yet explore!

And then over the weekend, we checked out a new coffee shop – Luckman’s Coffee.  We wandered in at 3:55, only to be told they closed at 4:00.  Oops!!

But the man working there was so kind!! He said not to worry about it – that it would take him about an hour to clean up, and he had some other things he could work on… so we should feel free to browse and sample and sit!  It was a great place – and we’re expecting to make it a regular spot.  I got to enjoy some delicious tomato and roasted pepper soup, while hubby got some sort of quiche.  And, of course, COFFEE!!!!!  …and dessert! 😀  So yumm!  (Shhh, bad me skipped my running both that day AND the next!  Eep!)

Yep, that was me this weekend!

“Tall Tyler,” as he called himself, was friendly the whole time, asking how things were, if we needed more, etc.  The three of us just have a great time shooting the breeze and relaxing in a wonderful caffeinated atmosphere.

And, of course, my usual Saturday morning yoga class.  Yay!!  I met two more people there, and managed to do the wheel pose (aka: Upward Bow, or Urdhva Dhanurasana!)  Woo!  My back muscles were so tight the next day – I guess I got a better work out than I originally thought!

Upward Bow or Wheel from

So here I am on Monday… got a 1.75 mile trail run in.  It’s nowhere near my 5 mile goal – but WHOOO!!!  Trails are TOUGH compared to treadmills!  I have been so spoiled!!! Haha!  So, it’s time to dig in and get ready – that 4 mile trail race is SATURDAY!!  YEEHAAA!!!!


2 comments on “Lucky Luckmans Coffee!

  1. Your blog illustrates that wonderful stories happen when we just go with the flo and let joy happen. Welcome Piffle Clinker. Like when a house is on fire and clinkers of fire go out into the universe, we send clinkers of joy, laughter and fun knowing they will land on someone thus spreading the joy.

    • I’m trying to do a lot more of that these days – letting going, and seeing where life leads 🙂 Striving for goals, while being flexible to the paths.

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