Goal Going!

Alright!!  One week in, and I wanted to share some of what I’ve done, and how my goals are coming along!  So, here are the goals:

1. Running: at 3.5/5 mile goal
2. Yoga: 2/7 classes
3. Writing: 0/3
4. Walk with Hubby: 1/5 times, 0/1 park
5. Quiet Meditation: 6/19 mornings

And new stuffs?  Well, last post showed the fun way I spent my weekend, and the new experiences I enjoyed!

And last night I joined a friend at another new yoga class at my library.  It was wonderful!  I felt so relaxed and yet also worn out from both good flexibility poses, and good strengtheing poses.  AND!!  Our teacher has been working on Parsva Bakasan, or Side Crane pose, and it looked so hard!  Check it:

yogacards.com’s Side Crane Picture

But I thought, what the hey, give it a try!  And I got it!!  …Not very good form, and not long before my tush slipped off my arms and I flopped ever so gracefully on the floor… but it was exciting!  And it motivated me – I’d been working on the forwards Bakasana/Crane with little success, but I was pumped!  So I tried it, and managed to hold it for almost 3 or 4 seconds!  WOOHOO!  Yes, that’s a big victory for me 🙂

And my second exciting thing for the night, I managed to set my timid shell aside for a time, and met this amazing older gentleman named Bill.  He said he had not cared about his health until he was 40, then he began to realized how important health is!

And guess what he did?  He trained to run a marathon!  And now he’s run several over the years!

How amazing!  It’s never too late to start taking care of yourself!! I often think defeating thoughts like that – the negative voices tell me, “no, active life is for those young highschoolers!  I’m too old!  It’s too late!!” (And, no, I’m not even that old!!  Only 29, but somedays I feel so old and tired.)

But it’s not to late!  Another woman I met is 65, and only began doing yoga at age 59 – she now teaches yoga!

It’s never to late to start taking care of yourself, and you can reach whatever goals you set yourself!  Don’t sell yourself short, and DON’T SETTLE!! Even if it’s a short goal like some of mine – just some goals for this month – set it and GO FOR IT!  Perhaps achieving a small goal will help kindle that fire under your butt to make bigger and bigger goals 😉  I am spending my quiet meditation time trying to focus on what I want my long term goals to be!

…Something where I get paid to travel the world would be wonderful… something where I can help people on their own Living Life Journeys…something where I get to still spend time with my hubby – and maybe even work WITH him… something where I don’t have to sit at a desk all day but get to enjoy the awe-inspiring power of nature… All just a fantasy job?  Too idealistic?  Well who knows exactly!  But as C.S. Lewis said, “Aim for the stars – if you miss, you can still get the moon.” (Sorry if I got that wrong… I can’t find the quote and I’m trying to remember it!)

I pray that doors will open for me and lead me on a fulfilling path, whatever direction that may be!  And I am thankful for the relationships and experiences I gain along the way!

Peace to you all.


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