March Madness!

Today I am setting some goals!

I have been reading a little bit about goal setting, and ways to really help them stick!  So, I’m trying it out, and we’ll see how it goes.

Goals for March:

1. I have increased my running from 3 miles to 5 miles by March 31st, 2011 (last night I hit 3.5 miles!)

2. I attended 7 yoga classes by Mach 30th, 2011

3. I have my letters written by March 26th, 2011

4. I walk with my man once a week, for a total of 5 times – at least once at a new park – by the end of March!  (Already did one at the gym track!)

5. I spend quiet time alone before work19 times by the end of March!  (3 down, 16 to go!  What a way to center before a day of chaos at the office)

So there are my five to get me started!  I’m planning to post these at home and at work to remind me of my goals.  I really want to sit down and figure out some long-term goals as well, but those may take some pondering and musing.  Ahh, the freedom of a clean slate!  Where to I want to go?  How am I going to get there?  And how can I have fun along the Journey, to really LIVE it?!

Things to think about over the weekend!  Time to go LIVE it up with PIZZAZZ!

By findingsilverlinings Posted in New Goal

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