Standing out

Another day, another trail!

Rocking and Parking 043

I think we found an unmarked trail!  …At least, not marked on their map.  But it was clearly a gravel path.  The map shows a paved trail, two nature trails, and a parcour trail (sweeeet!  We’ll go back for that some day!)

We did a very slow meander down what we thought was one of the nature trails (why is gravel suddenly considered “nature”?  I don’t know – but it wasn’t paved, so I didn’t know what my other options were.)  But it was nice – deeply wooded, quiet, and through some of the trees we could see peeks of decadent, expensive houses.  Oh, to live with a park in your back yard!  *siiigh* someday!


By the time we wandered back, the mosquitoes were coming out, and the sun was low in the sky.  We decided to hold off for another day to explore the other trails (we’ll find those sneaky nature trails, yet!)  So much rebirth around today!

Rocking and Parking 036 Rocking and Parking 029 Rocking and Parking 023

It was so fun to see things starting to pop up – bold colors standing out in places!  A blooming tree of white against all the greenery of the grassy meadow… a smattering of purple flowers in the leave-covered floor…

Be bold!  Have fun, be weird, stand out.  Life gets monotonous as is it – add some color to your life!

(I say this as a challenge to myself, as well.  I am quite the wall flower most of the time!  But I’m working on it!)  I actually chatted with a woman on the path a little.  Baby steps!)

Pretty Sunset on the way Home
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