First Trail Jog!

Yes!  The warm weather is BACK with the sun!!


Pretty flowers popping up finally! Such a difference from the last visit. Yay Spring!!

And it’s time to complete a trail Loop with muckable shoes!

So, after finishing taxes and packing a light lunch, hubby and I hit the trails.  We make the quick jaunt down the initial steps, and veer left on the trail.  Just under two miles – that should be a simple jog.   Hubby’s knees won’t let him run, so he let me go on ahead, knowing he’d be able to catch up should I slip and sprain an ankle.

It’s a shorter path than I thought – probably a little under 1 mile.  So, I  run the loop – a quick 10 minute jog.  But still…

Quite enjoyable!

And technically, that is my first official trail run!!!  My first time running on dirt rather than pavement 🙂

All in all, a simple, fun introduction to running off the paved path.  I can’t wait to get to my next trail!


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