The Four Miles of Paved Trail

Once this place blooms, it’s a delight to run!

Today I visited an old friend of a trail.  A running path that is close to home, yet still sadly a little too close to traffic.  But, more fun than many of the loop-paths I’ve found.  Hopefully as I continue to explore new places, I’ll find some other favorite running sites.

So Friday after work, as the sun was setting, Hubby and I headed off to this familiar 4-mile trail.  I often jog a portion of the path, sometimes going 1 to 1.5 miles out, then turning around and coming back.  But this time, it was time to tame the whole beast!

Two miles out, two miles back.  Sadly, I have yet to master that Yes Man technique of picture-taking while running.  So, I don’t have any great shots.  Maybe next time.

This trail is a nice, smooth pavement run.  It starts with a relatively large down-hill jaunt, and ends with one; then you turn around and get to run UP both of them.  Great way to finish off a jog – a quarter-mile hill!  Woo!  The first many times I ran this trail, I couldn’t make it up the hill without walking.  But, persistence paid off!  I eventually made it all the way up after several tries!  So, this year, my new goal has been to make it up not one, but TWO of the hills!  I guess I’ve been making good progress at the gym these last months, because it really wasn’t as hard as I was expecting to make it up both hills.  I have defeated my Mt. Everest, and will have to find the next one :)   Ahhh, a beautiful thing: meeting a goal and taking the next step towards a bigger goal!

The trail is popular, and we saw a number of people and pets out.  Still no courage to ask to take pictures… But I did say hello and pet a few puppies!

As the sun set, the moon was out! Awoooooo!!

By the time I turned around at the end of the path, the sun was setting, the moon was rising, and the temperature was dropping.   It wasn’t a full moon, but still a pretty silver globe bright in the blue sky.  What a wonderful season!  7:30pm, and the sky was still light!  Of, course, by then, my hands were quite cold; and Hubster had to do more walking to save his knees, so his temperature dropped as well – so his little nose was icy, too!

After getting back to the car and blasting the heat, we went home and I made myself a hot mug of cinnamon lemon tea. Ahhhh!

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