Wooded Wonders


I imagine the park I went to is just astounding once spring rolls around! Even with all the naked trees, it was still so peaceful and calming. I could still hear airplanes over head, but I could also hear birds everywhere. I was even surprised once or twice when we were walking in silence, and a near-by scuffle in the dry leaves drew my eyes to cardinals and squirrels scampering nearby!

Ahhh, I love wild life!

So, while there were not many natural blossoms coloring the landscape, I did find some fun personality in this park.  And there was this sweet older couple walking through, hand in hand.  It touched me as beautiful, and I almost asked them if I could take their picture for here, but chickened out thinking that would seem creepy!

Mold may be looked down on by many, but I found this growth quite interesting.  It caught my eye from the trail, so I had to sneak closer for a few shots!


And I got a strange kick out of all these different vines twisting and conforming to each other! I wonder how strong they are…A braided dance!


This park just made me think of all the symbiosis of life. When something gets in the way of a vine’s growth, what does it do? Shut down? Get mad? How many times do I get frustrated or quit when something is in my way? But not these vines! Nope, they just stretch right around the obstacle, and intertwine with it in a dance of growth.

By findingsilverlinings Posted in Musings

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