A Living Journey


What enchantments will you find on your journey?

“Change Your Thoughts, and You Change Your World” –Norman Vincent Peale

Some days, life is nothing but routine.  And then it repeats.  Day after day, living the same three days over and over, wondering, where is this going?  And that’s not living.  We’ve all had those chapters of our lives.  And, while we’re blessed that at least it’s not a routine of chaos and pain, a routine of boredom and stagnancy has its own heartaches and can leave a different type of emptiness inside.  It’s time to break out of that rut!

So I am challenging myself.  To live, to love, to experience health and happiness!  Health and happiness is all encompassing – needing healthy mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual practices.

For me, a lot of that will be out in nature.  In a run-amok world where “even the flies are pressed for time” (an aptly fitting quote from the book The Kite Runner) and where my multi-tasking mind doesn’t quiet down… I can find quiet peace outside.  I can sit for hours doing nothing and just be.  Or, I can lace up my sneakers, and hit the hills!


Of these, I need more.  And most of us probably do.  So I hope to explore new fields, embrace new challenges, open my heart more to others as I have, regrettably, learned to hide in my shell and run on auto pilot.  And this will be my journal of the journey!  I’ll write my goals in an effort to hold myself accountable, record progress on the goals to seek continued motivation, and challenge myself to at least one unique out-of-routine thing each week!  Even if that’s as simple as dragging my husband off to a new park to walk the paths.  Anything that is not part of the “get up, go to the gym, go to work, make dinner, clean, feed the cats, go to bed, repeat, repeat, repeat endlessly and mind numbingly” cycle that has become my life.

Ever feel like you’ve got this plastered sign on ya? Let’s fix that!

Here’s to living life with love and pizzazz!

Don’t just exist…

Live Your Journey!



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